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Extensions for prepress files

sierra 1[November 21, 2018] As explained in detail in the article about »» macOS and suffixes, all image and layout data of old data should quickly be provided with a file extension - a suffix. Furthermore, nothing more should be done to remove suffixes from files.

The main reasons are:
  • Image files without suffix can no longer be imported into the layout by modern XPress program versions!
  • Layout files from XPress 3.1 to XPress 9 must have a suffix so that the QuarkDocumentConverter can start working on these files.
  • Photoshop and similar programs can only work with files without a suffix to a very limited extent.
Which Szeanrios can be roughly distinguished?
  1. There are only countless image files without suffix on your computers, and they should not be actively used in old layouts (the link between layout and image names could otherwise be cut).
  2. There are correctly named layouts, which unfortunately contain image files without suffix.
  3. There are only old XPress 3.1 to 9 files on the computer that do not have a suffix. Images are not affected.
  4. There are XPress files from version 8, which are stored without suffix on the media.
Which solutions are currently known and which scenario do they support?

In order to get a general overview first of all, you can use the for the first step free program “Suffix” by JoLauterbach. You select your complete production volumes or folders in the program and get a list with all prepress files, which lack a suffix or which have been assigned a wrong suffix. If you want to use the program “Suffix” to perform operations such as add/change after this analysis, you need an activation code. With “Suffix” the scenario 1. and 3. can be added to a solution.

If you only have files from XPress 8 to XPress 2018 without suffix, you can launch your layouts via the app “JoJo” from JoLauterbach. This program, which makes the handling of different XPress and InDesign program versions child's play, automatically adds on Finder-level the suffix when opening an XPress file: This means that none of the feared duplicates are created in a folder (file with suffix and file without suffix). With “JoJo” the scenario 4. can be added every day afresh to a solution.

Do you have XPress files in which images are linked that do not have a suffix? And you want to keep the link to these images if the images get the right suffix? Then the function "Picture Names" of the XTension "BatchX” of JoLauterbach would be possible to automatically add suffixes to all placed pictures. In this step, umlauts or other unwanted characters can also be deleted from the image names. The renamed images are automatically linked to the layouts again. With “BatchX” the scenario 2. can be largely solved.