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QDC 1.3: Give me the 9 und remove the old stuff

qxpdc 1 1[November 16, 2018] The further development of the QuarkXPress Document Converter continues: Now the converter can not only produce XPress files - also in batch mode - from version 3.1 to 6 as additional XPress 9.1 files, but also the following:

  • from XPress files from 3.1 to 9.5 delete the PasteboardXTension entry and other formerly necessary XTensions,
  • remove the unsupported XPress layout formats “Web” and “Interactive¬ from the files.

Only files with a valid suffix such as .qxd or .qxp are processed.
The converter also adds itself to the Quark updater.

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The Mac topic of the non-existent suffixes from old days will be dealt with here soon.