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Juggling with versions: JoJo ­1.9

JoJo[July 8, 2018] Who doesn't have to juggle program versions and layout versions every time a new version is introduced?

With the small program "JoJo" from JoLauterbach the handling on the Mac becomes child's play.

How are you doing?

  • Drag a QuarkXPress or InDesign file onto the icon (easiest way is in the Dock).
  • If JoJo has been configured, the desired program starts.

I once prepared something …

Version 1.9x supports QuarkXPress 8 until 2018 (version 14) - InDesign can be configured to start from CS5 to CC 2018

Watch the movie in full screen mode if possible:

The download and further information can be found here: http://www.jolauterbach.com/en/product/apps/JoJo