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Extensions for prepress files

sierra 1[November 21, 2018] As explained in detail in the article about »» macOS and suffixes, all image and layout data of old data should quickly be provided with a file extension - a suffix. Furthermore, nothing more should be done to remove suffixes from files.

The main reasons are:
  • Image files without suffix can no longer be imported into the layout by modern XPress program versions!
  • Layout files from XPress 3.1 to XPress 9 must have a suffix so that the QuarkDocumentConverter can start working on these files.
  • Photoshop and similar programs can only work with files without a suffix to a very limited extent.

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The infinite Story: Suffixes and the macOS

sierra 1[November 19, 2018] Problems caused by the operating system when opening, saving or linking a file still affect the everyday life of many users. In addition to the usual wrong access rights, there are also OS historical reasons for “irregularities” that one should be aware of in order to be able to take targeted action against them.

The old Mac operating systems up to 9.x (Classic) knew (almost) only one way how to assign existing files to a creation or editing program: the typical Mac resources “Type & Creator”, which were located in the Mac files. Type & Creator made double-clicking possible. In this way, the Mac could distinguish EPS files from FreeHand, Illustrator, Photoshop or XPress, for example.

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QDC 1.3: Give me the 9 und remove the old stuff

qxpdc 1 1[November 16, 2018] The further development of the QuarkXPress Document Converter continues: Now the converter can not only produce XPress files - also in batch mode - from version 3.1 to 6 as additional XPress 9.1 files, but also the following:

  • from XPress files from 3.1 to 9.5 delete the PasteboardXTension entry and other formerly necessary XTensions,
  • remove the unsupported XPress layout formats “Web” and “Interactive¬ from the files.

Only files with a valid suffix such as .qxd or .qxp are processed.
The converter also adds itself to the Quark updater.

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The Mac topic of the non-existent suffixes from old days will be dealt with here soon.

Juggling with versions: JoJo ­1.9

JoJo[July 8, 2018] Who doesn't have to juggle program versions and layout versions every time a new version is introduced?

With the small program "JoJo" from JoLauterbach the handling on the Mac becomes child's play.

How are you doing?

  • Drag a QuarkXPress or InDesign file onto the icon (easiest way is in the Dock).
  • If JoJo has been configured, the desired program starts.

I once prepared something …

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