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XPress after Installation - Program and Layout Preferences

[July 10, 2019] My typical steps on the Mac after installing XPress for the first time or losing all preferences. I'm only talking about the new or less known settings:

  1. I create a file in the old XPress version and save it.
  1. I call the Append command under File and navigate to the file just saved from the older program version and open it in this dialog.
    Then I switch to the Source Setups and add the European Source Settings to my program from the "Old File" where these settings are always available.

002 append en

  1. In the program Preferences under Color Manager I select the desired and just imported Source Setup:

003 cms en

  1. In the Open and Save pane, I reset the Find/Change History (=Hold and Retrieve) of search results to 0 instances, so I can search for double spaces and similar character combinations at any time.

004 open save en

  1. I set the Virtual Memory to 1024 MB for the PDF creation settings..

005 pdf en

  1. In the Content Tools preferences, I choose the Select Boxes option so that the Content Tools remain Content Tools rather than constantly creating small boxes.

006 select en

  1. I copy the palette sets and other similar(!) preferences from the old preferences folder to the new preferences folder.
  2. At the latest now XPress should be restarted.