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MadeToPrint – axaio software

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Important feature

MadeToPrint is a plug in for QuarkXPress to print and export to different file formats through an automated & standardized workflow:.

  • Export into different file formats in parallel (e.g. PDF)
  • Merging multiple, repetitive output steps into one output task
  • Control of several output destinations in one go
  • Efficient & individual layer export
  • Flexible token engine for standardized naming of output files & destination folders
  • Ensuring consistent output results through different controll/preflight check ups


  • No manual control of output settings/processes
  • Standardized output settings for consistent and correct results
  • Automated output for time and cost savings
  • Higher efficiency and output reliability
  • More time to be creative

Three automation versions:

  • MadeToPrint Standard – One-click print & export
  • MadeToPrint Auto – Unattended automation via hot folder processing
  • MadeToPrint Auto QPP – Unattended status-based output from within Quarks Publishing Platform

Workflow options

Export to different file formats automatically XPress files to PDF, EPS, PostScript
Combining multiple output steps and executing them simultaneously Create job sets that contain several output steps and combine different types of printout or export to be launched as one output step
Target different output channels Drive different destination printers in your network or export to several file formats from a single job set
Preflighting before printing/exporting Check document for missing/changed links or missing fonts before output
Image update Update modified images before output
Processing layers individually or in combinations Combine layers flexibly and output them as variants, e.g. for multilingual files or regional versions
Extended PDF check with ’PDF Post-Process’ Run a preflight check during PDF export (based on callas pdfToolbox) and change the PDF on defined fixup profiles
Dynamic definition of file and folder names Configure destination file and folder names based on rules and use tokens (variables) to insert information at runtime; conveniently choose from token list to set up your own configuration
Single page output Print all pages or spreads of an InDesign document individually, or export each as a separate single file
Auto job priority Define the order of your jobs to let process more important jobs earlier

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