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SpellChecker Pro – Creationauts Inc.

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Important features

The SpellChecker Pro XTension brings the power of Hunspell and the MacOS / Windows SpellChecker engines to QuarkXPress. It's  design allows you to switch with ease among QuarkXPress / Hunspell / Operating System SpellChecker engines.

For those who care deeply to have one single spellcheck engine across their different applications would be best advised to choose the MacOS / Windows SpellChecker engine. Also, there is no vendor lock-in to any custom SpellCheck dictionaries. The standard OS or Hunspell dictionaries will work with this XTension.

Workflow options

Check spelling as you type This will highlight incorrect words, and on right-clicking the words you will get suggestions for corrections you could make
Language Danish, Dutch, English (US and UK), French (Classic), German (Germany), Italian (Italy), Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Spanish (Spain), Swedish
SpellCheck Engine Hunspell, MacOS/Windows, QuarkXPress
Implementation This  plugs into the standard SpellChecker menu items in QuarkXPress

User languages

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