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PDF Importer Pro – Creationauts Inc.

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Important features

The XTension “PDF Importer Pro” extends XPress by a significantly extended PDF import. The PDF pages can be immediately converted into XPress native objects during import.

  • Imports a complete PDF – or selected PDF pages of a PDF file.
  • Inserts empty pages if required.
  • If required, converts the PDF pages into native objects during import.
  • Place multiple pages of a PDF on one or more layout pages.

Workflow options

Import of a multi-page PDF into an image box Image box and position of the image box on the page is used as a template - the pages are created additionally.
Import of a multi-page PDF into linked(!) text boxes Fills the text chain with the selected PDF pages – no further pages are created.
Pages All or selected (use XPress separators ), odd pages only, even pages only
Insert After After which XPress page should the insertion of the new PDF pages be started?
Skip Inserts a blank page after each page. 0 = no page
Convert to native Objects Immediately converts all pages into native objects when importing PDF files. No PDF page has been placed in XPress at the end of the import

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