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ImageX – JoLauterbach

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Important feature

The XTension »ImageX« extends XPress on the Mac with a live palette (!), in which all placed images with many properties are listed. You can keep this palette constantly open and act with placed images.

  • All columns of the information palette can be used for sorting.
  • Columns can be hidden and reappeared.
  • Columns can be moved in order.

Image informations

Path right-justified, a path name that is too long is truncated to the left
Name of the file Name of the file with extension (suffix)
Page Page number or pasteboard number
Layer adopts the layer names of the layout and displays the layer on which the image is placed
Type Type of image like JPG, TIF, PDF etc.
Space Color space like CMYK RGB, grayscale etc.
Status Missing, modified or OK
Profile Color profile of the placed image file
dpi ppi = Resolution of the scaled placed pixel image
Width Width of the box containing the image
Height Height of the box containing the image
Author is read from the metadata of the image
Copyright is read from the metadata of the image
Raw Path copyable path of the image
Description copyable description is read from the metadata of the image
Instructions copyable instructions is read from the metadata of the image

Workflow options

Import of a multi-page PDF in one layer for control All pages of the file receive a placed PDF page on the selected XPress layout layer
Show in Finder Opens the folder of the file at finder level
Copy picture name With the copied name you can search faster for files in the Finder
Relink… Here you can select a new parent folder with the special feature that only the selected images are re-linked.
Relink with file extension… Relink with another file extension. E.g. several placed JPG images can be exchanged into TIF images of the same name without further requests.
Move picture files Placed images are moved from one location to another without copying them. The new storage path is automatically updated in the layout.
EPS --> PDF Converts placed EPS images to PDF using Apple's own system functionalities and immediately places these newly created PDF files without further requests.
Move to layer Selected placed images can be moved to another existing (!) layer in one go across multiple pasteboards.
Copy column content Copies the information of the selected images as tab-delimited text, for example to copy into an Excel file.

User languages

Tags: XTension for image handling QX 2018/2017, PDF import, Relink images, EPS to PDF conversion