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October-Update for QX 2018

Logo update[October 31, 2018] The update to version 14.1 was released on October 18. However, it contained two bugs, so on October 23 the bugfixed version 14.1.2 followed. Typically, the update to xx.1.x for Quark provides additional new features or operating system customizations.

  Version   Mac   Windows  
  QuarkXPress 2018 14.1.2 (Build 32460)   Updater   Updater  

The main innovations are to be mentioned:

  • Mojave Support
  • Windows 10 October 2018 Update support
  • Performance improvements
  • Dark Theme (MacOS only)
  • New Picture Fill Command
  • Auto Fit/Fill/Stretch as an item property
  • User-defined Dialogs in JavaScript
  • SS0 support
  • Unicode 10 support
  • OT enhancements (orthographic syllable boundaries, conjunct creation, glyph positioning etc)
  • Initial support for Indic languages (script) including hyphenation (via Hunspell)
  • Updated ICC profiles (pre-canned)
  • Faster rendering of HTML5 Pubs
  • Drop Shadows export natively (in HTML5 Pubs)

The status on my mac:
versionen zu 14 1 2