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January 2 Update for QX 2019 (15.2)

Logo update[January 31, 2020] The seventh update for XPress 2019 has been released. It is – as promised by Quark – an update with some new features.

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  QuarkXPress 2019 15.2.0 (Build 33893)   Updater   Updater  

New features are above all to be mentioned:

  • XPress offers a new way to control how the space before paragraphs is affected: previously only between paragraphs, now only against the top of the column or always.
  • Indentation right: If a paragraph gets a right indent (plus values), the last line can still reach the column border with a negative last line indent. Very practical for tables of contents or lists with multiline text and right-justified tabulator (column divider): The enumeration value or page number can be moved to the right.
  • New modified click ways when assigning styles in the Style Sheets palette: not only "Alt" for complete reset, but also several other combinations to preserve local text formatting.
  • From IDML files (InDesign exchange format), footnotes and drop shadows are now also included.
    For Windows users there is now also the Darktheme.