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November Update for QX 2019 (15.1)

Logo update[November 2, 2019] The third update for XPress 2019 has been released. It is – as promised by Quark – an update with some new features.

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  QuarkXPress 2019 15.1.0 (Build 33768)   Updater   Updater  

The most important features are:

  • XPress now takes text from the clipboard as rtf text by default. This means, for example, that text copied and pasted from Word takes its formatting with it into the XPress layout – even Word tables are retained. Accordingly, the XPress command "Insert without formatting" is given a much higher priority.
  • Auto color name function as known from Adobe products.
  • Self-created "dashes & stripes", different border line styles for boxes and also the "automatic grow" function can finally be included in object styles. A drop of bitterness remains: But object styles are still not real resources that are managed by JobJackets, for example.
  • In tables of contents, the multiline entries can now be shortened by a right indent, but the page numbers remain outside.
  • End notes can now be exported directly linked from XPress in an interactive PDF.

The status on my Mac:

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