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QuarkXPress 2020 is officially delivered

application 2020 icon[May 28, 2020] Quark has made the new version 16.0, which is marketed under the name QuarkXPress 2020, available in the download area.

Version macOS Windows
XPress 16.0 Installer  Installer

New features are to be reported:

  • Variable page size via additionally created master pages.
  • Font loading from additional folders (XPress can activate fonts from folders that are either next to the layout file or have been previously assigned – Quark calls it font management). The feature is completed by the fact that XPress now activates fonts loaded without having to close the file or the program.
  • Flex Page Builder & the possibility to insert Flex HTML, CSS, JavaScript and similar into the page..
  • Windows: configurable shortcuts

Major improvements:

  • Page Duplication in the Page Layout palette
  • Additional InDesign functions are implemented during IDML import.
  • PDF Import now also recognizes the ArtBox and the BoundingBox.
  • Enumeration indentation level can be included in style sheets (good for tables of contents).
  • Paragraph cohesion function now also works for column spanned paragraphs
  • The massive weaknesses of the new table feature introduced a year ago with QX 2019 seem to have been resolved.

January 1 Update für QX 2019 (15.1.3)

Logo update[January 24, 2019] The six update for XPress 2019 has been released. The update was available as installer for a short time, but after a few days Quark replaced it with the update/installer on 15.2.

  Version   Mac   Windows  
  QuarkXPress 2019 15.1.3 (Build 33813)