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New “End-of-Life” data for QuarkXPress

Logo update[October 5, 2019] Quark has been making tabula rasa since the Advantage program was introduced. All downloads - whether installer or updater - of versions older than QuarkXPress 2016 are no longer available on the Quark server.

The endpoints for XPress versions have also been announced, see the following table for definitions:

QX 2015 31. July 2019 †
QX 2016 und 2017 30.11.2019 31. July 2019 †
QX 2018 31.07.2020 31. July 2019 *
*Still available in Apple's AppStore as "Pro" version
QX 2019 31.07.2021  
  • EOL – End of Life – The date that marks the end of the product life cycle and thus the end of technical support and all further product updates.
    • Technical Support - Support portal, by phone, or in chat for a specific version of QuarkXPress. Supported versions are the current version and the previous major version. Support is available until product versions reach EOL.
    • Bugfix Updates - Product updates with fixes, bug fixes and minor changes. These updates are delivered until the product reaches EOL.
  • EOS – End of Sale – The date from which a product version is no longer commercially available.
    • New function updates are available until EOS.
    • Versions with operating system upgrades are available until EOS.

As announced by Matthias Günther at that time (Nov. 7, 2018):

The EOL of QuarkXPress 2015 and QuarkXPress 2016 will be reached on November 30, 2019 So now the QX-2017 date has been announced. It is probably to be expected that then no updater and installer can be downloaded. So the recommendation is: If you want to keep QX2016 and/or QX 2017 running longer, you should download the latest installer(s) for security reasons.