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July Update for QX 2018

Logo update[July 30, 2018] The new Version 14.0.1 offers bugfixes for minor problems. There are also two important news for Mac users: The submenu for font styles has returned and QX 2018 version 14.0.1 and higher no longer runs under macOS Yosemite.

The weakness of some fonts, where the "B"-button does not work properly, could not be fixed yet.

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  QuarkXPress 2018 14.0.1 (Build 32318)   Updater   Updater  

It's a very specific issue. In case you are experiencing a crash while modifying any setting in Preferences, please follow this workaround (until we have fixed it for good):

  • Quit QuarkXPress 2018.
  • Delete the QuarkXPress 2018 preferences.
  • Relaunch QuarkXPress 2018.
  • Go into "Preferences" dialog of QuarkXPress.
  • Go to the Fonts pane, go to Font Mapping section.
  • Check whether the "default" fonts for Roman and East Asian font categories in ‘Specify Default Replacement Font’ is empty (blank).

If it is empty, then this is the reason for the crash.


  1. In East Asian font category, select any font family (like 'Yu Mincho', which has multiple font styles) and in font style select one of its font styles. Click Ok.
  2. Just in case, reinvoke Preferences dialog. Please verify that the font family and font style for East Asian font category is now not blank.

This should solve the issue.