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July 9: QuarkXPress 2019 Officially Released

application 2018 icon[July 10, 2019] In early July, QuarkXPress 2019 was released in the Quark download section. This is version 15.0.0 (build 13668).

The installers for a 7-day demo or a full version can be found here. Do not select the "Upgrade" option during installation - otherwise you run the risk of removing version 2018 (14.x).

macOS: XPress 15.0.0 Installer
Windows OS: XPress 15.0.0 Installer

PDF Output Styles for QuarkXPress – Part 1

PDF Logo[June 4, 2019] Quark has redefined PDF output for XPress 2018: The Callas pdfToolbox now works in the background, similar to the print programs from Adobe. A special feature is that XPress PDF files can output not only PDF/X or PDF/A files, but also files that are PDF/X and PDF/A compliant at the same time. As a result, the number of output variations rises sharply.

Definitions – X and A

  • PDF/X – the X stands for Blind Exchange (the PDF file is suitable for the "blind" exchange between creators such as layouters or graphic designers and pre-press or printing companies). A validated PDF/X file is stamped with an internal stamp that specifies the printing conditions for which the PDFD file was created.
  • PDF/A - the A stands for Archive. A validated PDF/A file is provided with an internal stamp, and the file is protected against modification.
  • PDF/X and PDF/A files created directly from layout programs should be subsequently checked to see whether they have received the stamp correctly and whether they actually meet the requirements of the printing process.

The verification can be performed within Acrobat, callas toolboxes and similar PDF workflow tools with special verification profiles.

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PDF Output Styles for QuarkXPress – Part 2

PDF Logo[June 4, 2019] As described in the first part, XPress's new output technologies are increasing the number of possible output settings. You will certainly use only a few of the output styles offered here, but the breadth of this elaboration gives you a possible naming system and shows on the other hand what you should pay attention to and what you can understand by comparing the individual settings.

The output style groups offered here are based on the following output scenario:

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January Update for QX 2018

Logo update[January 25, 2018] The update to version 14.2.1 was made available on this day. It contains numerous bugfixes - but unfortunately also a new bug: Manual hyphenations "\h" can not be found and therefore not exchanged.

  Version   Mac   Windows  
  QuarkXPress 2018 14.2.1 (Build 32601)   Updater / Installer   Updater / Installer  

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